CASE 1 - Breast Enhancement

A note from Dr. Tobin: 
Below is a testimonial from a 58 year old woman who came in for a consultation for Breast EnhancementShe, among other things, simply felt terrible about herself.  She was losing weight, was depressed and, at one point, her weight dropped to a mere 85 lbs.  After her consultation and procedure, she began to feel better about herself.  She developed a better self-image, her diet improved, and she began to date.  She is now happily married and is "on top of the world".  I am not saying that breast enhancement will change your life.  This case, although not typical, does illustrate what positive changes can result. 

Testimonial by patient:​

After losing a substantial amount of weight and suffering an unwanted, painful divorce, my self-esteem was about as low as it could get. I would look in a mirror and cry-- I hated the way my body looked with clothes on, and especially, without clothing.  I had no shape and felt I didn’t even look like a woman. I decided to try breast augmentation to see if it would make me feel better about myself.  I’m so thankful that I did!  

After my surgery, I started gaining back my confidence and, apprehensively, re-entered the single world.  Within a month, I met my husband and my life has been unbelievable.  I totally feel like a woman again.  I’m no longer ashamed of my body.  I now feel comfortable wearing low-cut dresses, bathing suits and form-fitting clothes.  I truly believe breast augmentation was the first step in saving my life and, of course, my husband was the second step.  We are both so very thankful to Dr. Tobin and his staff for making it possible for me to find myself again and to experience feeling like I am beautiful.

By Patient Cyndi

CASE 2 - Breast Enhancement

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CASE 3 - Liposuction

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