Nerve Injuries

                      NERVE INJURIES

The most common nerve disorders treated here by far are known as entrapment neuropathies followed by nerve injuries and much less commonly tumors of nerves.

Entrapment Neuropathy:
Another name for these is “pinched nerves”. Patients with these experience numbness and tingling in various digits and may have some pain and weakness. If left untreated eventually the affected nerve(s) become scarred within and permanent loss of function is the result.

Nerve Injuries:

These typically arise from injuries from sheet metal, knives or from some other sharp or penetrating injury. These injuries manifest themselves as severe numbness in particular skin pattern of distribution and at times loss of motor function. These are repaired in the outpatient surgery center under the operating microscope with exceedingly fine suture to minimize scarring and therefore maximize the potential return of sensation and motor function.

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