Ganglion Cyst

GANGLION CYSTS are the most common tumors     of the hand. (Tumor is a word that describes any abnormal growth regardless of its malignant potential.) They are completely benign in nature, but may cause pain. They typically arise in predictable locations in the wrist and hand. As the name implies, these are fluid filled masses, the contents of which is a clear, almost gelatinous substance.

Treatment of these due to their benign nature is varied: They may be watched or cyst puncture and aspiration may be attempted (however, this is usually not effective long term). Finally, these may be removed surgically.





Approximately 45 minutes.

Yes, insurance is accepted for this procedure. We participate with most plans. Medicare, Commercial Insurance & Workers Compensation accepted.

Light duty early post-operatively. Unrestricted Work within 3 weeks (details at left)


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