De Quervain's Tenosynovitis - Photos & Info
​Below you will be provided with photographs and information from the surgery of a patient with DE QUERVAIN'S TENOSYNOVITIS.

This is a lady in her 50’s who developed substantial pain on the thumb side of the wrist which had failed conservative management. Her diagnosis was De Quervain’s Tenosynovitis which is a form of tendonitis. One can see the outlined incision made in purple ink in this photo.

In this next photo, one can see the thickened ligament that was causing irritation and inflammation to the tendons of the thumb. The tip of the scissors on the top side of the frame and the forceps pinching the ligament on the lower side indicates the top half of the cut ligament. The thickness is seen between the scissors and the forceps and that represents about a 3 or 4 fold increase in normal thickness.


In the above photo, one can see that the tendons have been completely released as demonstrated by the tendons being retracted by the scissors.


This photo demonstrates the closed wound. Postoperatively, the patient has gone on to be symptom free and is pleased with her procedure so far.








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