Carpal Tunnel Surgery

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The carpal tunnel is a passageway through the wrist carrying tendons and one of the hand’s major nerves. Pressure may build up within the tunnel because of disease, injury, fluid retention during pregnancy, overuse, or repetitive motion. The resulting pressure on the nerve within the tunnel causes a tingling sensation in the hand, often accompanied by numbness, aching, and impaired hand function. This is known as carpal tunnel syndrome. During the office visit, your physician will examine your hands and wrists, explain the treatment options as well as possible risks and complications. We recommend you bring a list of any questions or concerns to your consultation.

How is carpal tunnel syndrome treated?
The most common treatments include: splinting of the hand and wrist, anti-inflammatory medications, steroid injections, physical therapy and surgery. Your physician will discuss the specific treatment plan at your office visit.

If surgery is required, what is the recovery period?
The recovery time varies for each patient. However, many patients return to one-handed work within a few days and unrestricted work within 3-6 weeks. Other individual restrictions and recovery expectations will be discussed during your office visit.

Will my insurance cover the treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome?
Yes, insurance will cover the treatments for carpal tunnel syndrome.

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Approximately 30 minutes.

Yes, insurance is accepted for this procedure. We participate with most plans. Medicare, Commercial Insurance & Workers Compensation are accepted.

Light duty early post-operatively. Unrestricted Work within 6 weeks (details left)

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